Applications open for our 4 paid internships



Untold is offering internships for its third production ‘Lady Unknown’ written by Lauren Johnson which will play at the Dickens Museum as a promenade theatre piece (where the audience move from room to room following the action).



What power does the individual have to change things for the better?

And what price should they be willing to pay?

Victorian England. Two friends at the height of their influence reunite. He is the most famous author of his age. She hides her work behind the nickname ‘Lady Unknown’.

Coutts is one of the richest people in the country, but as a woman she cannot vote, stand in parliament or sit on the directing boards of most of the charitable ventures she sets up. She carefully guards her reputation against any hint of scandal. But with Dickens threatening to split his family apart amidst rumours of infidelity, how much is Coutts willing to risk to save their friendship?

A period piece with thoroughly modern themes, this immersive, site-responsive piece of new writing challenges attitudes towards welfare support for the poor; personal and political responsibilities; and the different sexual expectations placed on men and women.


We have the following internships available:

  • assistant director (shadowing Anna Ehnold-Danilov)
  • assistant stage manager (shadowing Maia Alvarez Stratford)
  • assistant designer (shadowing Kemey Lafond)
  • assistant producer (shadowing Nadia Nadif and Catherine Fowles)

Interns will:

  • assist during the rehearsal period and in the performances
  • be given a professional reference following the production

Dates of the internship are 4 days in the week commencing Monday 9th November in London (venue TBC) and 1 day on the performance date Monday 16th November at the Dickens Museum in Holborn.

The payment will be £46.90 / day totalling £234.50 for the whole period.  Hours will usually be 10am-6pm with one hour for lunch and breaks in the morning and afternoon.  On the performance day, hours will probably be 1pm – 9pm.

If you are interested in applying for this opportunity you can:

  • email with a cover letter detailing your relevant experience, interest in the project and how this opportunity will further your career
  • email us or tweet us @untold_theatre a video or audio recording detailing your relevant experience, interest in the project and how this opportunity will further your career

The closing date is 24th October 2015 at 5pm.

Please ensure you read the following information carefully before applying:

  • We have Arts Council funding to meet access needs and welcome applications from people with disabilities.
  • You MUST NOT be in full time employment, education or training. If you work a part time job you ARE STILL eligible to apply providing you can make the duration of the placement.  If you have finished further or higher education this summer, you ARE STILL eligible to apply.
  • You MUST BE over 18 but there is no upper age limit.
  • You MUST HAVE a bank account and a national insurance number so we can make payments to you.
  • Travel expenses, accommodation and food are not covered.
  • Please have a look at our website for more information about the company and production.


Applications open for our 4 paid internships

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