“What need have you of freedom?”


First Performances: 31st March – 4th April 2015


Spain. 1501. The Inquisition.

Banned clothes, burned books, forced religious conversions or exile.

Two immigrants leave for the English court. One is Katherine, Spanish princess and future Queen of England. The other, her Moorish servant Catalina, is privy to secrets that will change the future of England forever…

Four actors play Tudor characters you’ll recognise (and some that you won’t) using storytelling, physical theatre and humour to explore a time you may know but a world that you may not.

In 2015 the first performances of our production ‘Catalina’ took place at 2.30pm and 8pm on 31st March at Colchester Arts Centre, and it will then play a
t Ovalhouse from 1st to 4th April at 7:45pm.   Post show discussions took place after the 8pm show at Colchester Arts Centre Tuesday 31st March and at Ovalhouse Thursday 2nd April.

Untold are also providing free workshops to young people in Colchester and London, including Refugee Youth, that explore the themes within the play.

Cast:  Zainab Hasan, Nadia Nadif, Leon Stewart, Nicholas Waters.

Director:  Daniel Goldman.

Writer:  Hassan Abdulrazzak.

Designer:  Emma Jesse.

Producer:  Nadia Nadif.

Movement Director:  Kristoffer Huball.

Voice Coach:  Fanos Xenofos.

Historian:  Lauren Johnson.

Stage Manager:  Maia Alvarez Stratford.

Facilitator:  Gethane Strehler.

 Catalina is currently available for touring please contact for further information.