Lady Unknown

 What power does the individual have to change things for the better?


And what price should they be willing to pay?


First shown: Monday 16 November at the Charles Dickens Museum

Performances : 6.45pm and 7.45pm

Lady Unknown. Returning 2017.


Victorian England. Two friends at the height of their influence reunite. He is the most famous author of his age. She hides her work behind the nickname ‘Lady Unknown’.

You are invited to join philanthropist Angela Burdett Coutts, novelist Charles Dickens and the women their choices affect in an evening of reminiscence and recrimination.

Coutts is one of the richest people in the country, but as a woman she cannot vote, stand in parliament or sit on the directing boards of most of the charitable ventures she sets up. She carefully guards her reputation against any hint of scandal. But with Dickens threatening to split his family apart amidst rumours of infidelity, how much is Coutts willing to risk to save their friendship?

A period piece with thoroughly modern themes, this immersive, site-responsive piece of new writing challenges attitudes towards welfare support for the poor; personal and political responsibilities; and the different sexual expectations placed on men and women.

Lady Unknown was made possible through crowdfunding. To find out more and read the rehearsal diary click on this link –

Lady Unknown Trailer


Angela Burdett Coutts – Roisin Rae
Martha Statham – Sakuntala Ramanee
Annie Taylor – Anna Riding
Charles Dickens – Mark Stevenson


Writer – Lauren Johnson

Director – Anna Enhold-Danailov

Designer – Kemey Lafond
Vocal Coach – Fanos Xenofos
Movement Director – Karin Fisher-Potisk
Outreach Co-ordinator – Rebecca Tortora
Co-Producers – Nadia Nadif and Rosanna Lowton

 With thanks to:  Harry Lloyd, Jenny Hartley, Charles Neville, Alison Delyth, Emma Hatton, The Lady Ottoline Pub, Crazy Coqs, City Academy, Arcola Theatre, The Charles Dickens Museum, Jemma Gross and Theatre Leggup.