‘The Scar Test’ – Paid Internships.



Untold  is offering internships for an assistant director and an assistant stage manager for its second production ‘The Scar Test’ written by Hannah Khalil. Interns will shadow the director and stage manager, assist them and will be given a professional reference following the production.

Dates of the internship are 22nd – 26th June at the Arcola Theatre in London. Call time is 10:30-6 on 22nd and then 10-6 for the remainder of the week.

The payment will be £42 / day totalling £210 for the whole period. Hours worked will be 6.5 on Monday and 7 a day Tuesday – Friday.

If you are interested in applying for this opportunity please emailuntoldtheatre@gmail.com with a cover letter detailing your relevant experience and how this opportunity would help to further your career.

Please mark the subject ‘assistant stage management intern’ or ‘assistant director intern’ depending on which role you are applying for. The closing date is Friday 12th June.

Please ensure you read the following information carefully before applying:

* You MUST NOT be in full time employment, education or training. If you work a part time job you ARE STILL eligible to apply providing you can make the full duration of the placement. If you have finished further or higher education this summer but have not graduated or had exam results yet, you ARE STILL eligible to apply.

* You MUST BE over 18.

* You MUST HAVE a bank account and a national insurance number so we can make payments to you.

* Travel expenses, accommodation and food are not covered.

* Please have a look at our website www.theatreuntold.co.uk for more information about the company and production.



‘The Scar Test’ – Paid Internships.

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